Tuesday’s Inspirational Young Woman: Chloe Swarbrick

It’s impressive enough that Tuesday’s inspirational young woman is our youngest sitting MP, but 24 year old Chloe Swarbrick has had an incredible career that stretches far beyond the green leather seats of the Beehive.

We probably already know that Chloe is is 7th on the Green party list MP, and spokesperson for Mental Health, Drug Law Reform, Education, Arts and Heritage, Tertiary Education, Small Business, Broadcasting, Youth and Local Government. But prior to the Beehive she was making waves as an entrepreneur, journalist and arts enthusiast in Auckland.

In 2012, Chloe opened her first business, clothing label The Lucid Collective, which went on to feature during 2014 fashion week and at the New Zealand Fashion Museum as well as being stocked nationwide in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. She’s also had a strong background in student journalist and media, as news writer, presenter and host for bFM and owner/editor of culture and lifestyle magazine What’s Good and pop up store, The Goods. Oh and if this wasn’t enough, she also started a cafe and art gallery with her partner to showcase her talented artistic friends and provide a space for Kiwi artists (in all of her spare time, obviously.) And this was before she decided in 2017 to run her high profile bid for Auckland Mayor that put her on the map of mainstream Aucklanders.

What we love most about Chloe, as Tuesday’s inspo, is that she’s the perfect combination of fiercely smart, empathetic, charismatic and community minded. Not only that but since coming to Parliament, she’s been a tireless, intelligent and charismatic advocate for many millennial focussed issues, passionately promoting a point of view that often goes unheard in the modern political scape.

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