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Youth Week 2019: Thursday Girl Crush Josie Edan

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“Pre-colonial Samoan culture saw women as political leaders, powerhouses and matriarchs, even our fiercest Gods and deepest lovers were women. This is where I draw my strength from. This is what sparked my own personal revolution.” — an excerpt from my interview with @missfqnz for @converse’s ‘all the stories are true’ campaign. link in bio for the full tea. being a girl is one thing, but being a brown girl is quite another. being a brown girl means having to work twice as hard to be seen as equally capable as my brown brothers, twice that to share the same opportunities as my white sisters, and quadruple that just to sit behind white men. as ugly as the world is to womxn, i love being one. but i wouldn’t be here without standing on the shoulders of my ancestors and every other womxn before me. we’ve come a long way in terms of progress but until men start taking responsibility for contraception and pasifika womxn are making the same dollar as a white wo/man’s, WE AIN’T THERE YET. happi international womxn’s day, show us the love we deserve today and keep this same energy EVERYDAY. photos by @bobbycorica 💘 wearing @huntinggroundstore 💥

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22 year old Josie Edan is your self anointed favorite over sharer. A powerhouse of a presence across all of your screens, she’s been reshaping and retelling intersectional feminist stories (and spreading her own kick ass messages) through all her digital platforms in a pocket near you.

Josie has been everything from a Youtuber to a content creator to filming videos for TVNZ’s Re: But you probably know her from her phenomenal presence across Instagram, where she is her unapologetic, fiercely feminist self calling out everything from beauty norms to colonization. She chooses to create and story tell on Instagram so she has a chance to create positive, safe spaces for online communities.

As well as, in her own words, is starting necessary dialogues around topics that need de-stigmatizing and normalizing and openly smashing taboos. And she’s only just getting started – one day she hopes to have her own media company centralizing women of colour, in her words it’s gonna be BuzzFeed for brown people. Which we are seriously holding out hope for, because we seriously believe the women’s movement absolutely needs more focus on intersectionality in feminism.

What we love most about Thursday’s girl Josie is that she’s the inspirational young woman we need for this age. Her deliberate decision to make positive content for instagram was in direct reaction to her recognition of how much the media we consume influences us. She doesn’t believe social media is inherently bad as long as we create positive content – and in a world that’s away with instagram induced anxiety, the voice of someone who’s unashamedly honest, real, bold and brave is such a tonic to the artificialness of the social media age.

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