We’re a lot of things really. We’re young women with something to say. We’re feminists, caffeine lovers, slam poetry nuts and Netflix bingers. Some of us dig 90s jeans, flouro fannypacks or sassy tees. Some of us have a passion for pugs, some of us love cats, and some of us love cats even more.

But most of all, we love having a space for young women to have their voices heard and respected. We want to publish young Kiwi women’s voices, and we want to be a space where you can come for funny, punny articles to think on. We are run by the YWCA Auckland, but we’re not just for the YWCA Auckland community – we’re about hearing every young woman’s voice out there. Our mission is to hear every young woman’s voice, so if you have something to say then let us know!

So here are some of our boss ass babe contributors….